Anything You Say
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The Victim
Christine Burgerhoff
Age Unknown

The Defendant
Christopher DiStefano
Age 21

The victim worked at The Reflex Center, a house of prostitution operating under the guise of a reflexology clinic. It was a crime scene. This is the state of the "massage table" after the crime. The safe was empty. Anything You Say explains why the defendant was not tried for the apparent thefts.

The victim was dumped behind a tractor trailer in the Keyser Valley section of Scranton, Pennsylvania. The pathologist believes the victim was killed less than twelve hours before her body was discovered.

This is the alleged shrine to the victim that investigators discovered in the defendant's dorm room. His roommate testified that the photos went up after the victim's death.

This is the defendant's car parked outside the State Police Station. He was there at their request for an interview. This photo was taken while it was still daylight, indicating that the police took the photo shortly after his arrival.

A sympathetic rose was placed in front of The Reflex Center on the day after the crime. The defendant's own defense team privately tried to allege that he left the rose there.

Also see Trooper Pacifico's controversial promise
to DiStefano on the Documents page.


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