Anything You Say
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“For the better part of three days, the book gripped me.... His account of his interrogation is chilling and is one of the most detailed first person accounts of a coerced compliant false confession I have ever read.”

—Steven Drizin,

Clinical Professor of Law
Northwestern University
School of Law

Read the full text of Steve Drizin's Review at
Truth In Justice.


I n 1996, a beautiful young woman was found naked, beaten, and strangled to death. The ensuing investigation revealed that the victim was a prostitute at a massage parlor called The Reflex Center in the pleasant rural community of Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, and that some of her clients were prominent individuals of the community.

Within a week, the Pennsylvania State Police arrested a 27-year-old ex-boyfriend of the victim who had purportedly confessed to the crime. They described him as being obsessed with the victim and enraged by her rejections of his romantic advances.

Anything You Say tells the true story of the arrest and prosecution of an innocent man for the hideous crime. The journey exposes incredible ineptitude by the authorities as they desperately tried to downplay their mistakes and salvage a problematic case.


Inside Anything You Say:

  • The real motives behind DiStefano's arrest

  • Why DiStefano's confession failed to corroborate with known facts

  • The oversight by the prosecution that resulted in the dismissal of three charges

  • What became of the apparent bloodstain in DiStefano's vehicle

  • Details about The Reflex Center's operations and client list

  • A look inside confidential lawyer-client meetings

  • The reasons behind prosecutional appeals

  • A riveting recreation of DiStefano's eleven-hour interrogation

  • And more!


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